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Elements Rising

"I... found Fire Tiger (and what a great, if cryptic, title!) by Steven Block – very interesting to listen to."


- John Sunier, Audiophile



"Jazz inflections...appear in Steven Block's Puttin' It Together for an ensemble of 2 saxes, 2 double basses, and drums. The jagged and atonal lines make for another third stream-feel, especially once the bass lines enter. It is a fairly complex and experimental work."

- Cinemusic

“…one of the CD’s most compelling pieces, Puttin’ It Together, evokes the idiosyncratic jazz-fueled textures of Cuban music.”

- Winnipeg Free Press



By Vít Muík, Daniel Perttu, Yhasmin Valenzuela, Andrea Bentivoglio, Lucie Kaucká, Nancy DeSalvo, Cora Greevenbosch, Ludmila Bubenícková, Keith Lemmons, Leo Eguchi, Diane Baxter, Pedro Campo, Karolina Rojahn


Fire & Time

"His skillful use of tuned percussion gives several passages a gamelanlike quality reminiscent of Messaien. The
long-note passages...and their harmonic suspensions are wonderful. I impatiently await the completion of this Symphony."

- William Zagorski, Fanfare

"Steven D. Block conceived his Shadows in Jungian terms, and as such it explores the dark side of the human psyche through mysterious tuned percussion, harp glissandos, and eerie sounding strings."

- Victor Carr, Jr., Classics Today



"...offers moments of two-part writing with harmonic overtones defining an ostinato and regular tones, a brief melody."

- Nancy Norce, Modern and Contemporary

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