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Music Sheets and a Cross

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Piece in Two Parts (1997) for flute and harpsichord was written as an homage to the composer Stefan Wolpe (reflected by the title). The composition is dedicated to flutists Tadeu Coehlo and the late Irna Priore as well as the harpsichordist Susan Patrick. It was written for a harpsichord with a range of C2 through C6. Rather than stipulating stops, I've left the decision for the arrangement of stops up to the performer. The entire first movement is meant to be played on two manuals since both hands are almost always in the same register. The performer should therefore choose a variety of possibilities, dependent on the specific keyboard, to differentiate the timbre of the two manuals both movements, colors appropriate to the sections in this movement. Similarly, dynamic markings in the harpsichord part are meant as suggestions to the performer who must decide which stops to use and combine and which manuals to couple, dependent on the capabilities of the instrument.

The opening pages of the second movement can be viewed below:


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